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vFit is the only shoe fitting technology that allows online shoe buyers the ability to compare the exact shape of their feet to the inside shape of shoes to visualize and determine the best size and fit.

"The breakthrough App that will change the way people shop for shoes online."

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vFit App is available through the iPhone Store. Just create a profile and scan your feet.

The simple instructions will walk you step by step through imaging both your feet. vFit's patented technology converts all the images into a 3D wireframe model of your feet! Log onto and try on thousands of shoes styles from more than 60 retailers to give you instant access to the most expansive inventory on the web. Click our Retail Partners page to discover the best stores to "Try & Buy."

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Simple One Time - Imaging Technology

Your smartphone's camera will capture pictures of your feet and save the digital images with your email as your ID. Now you, friends or family can easily access your feet and find your size when shopping for shoes.

You'll need an 8½" x 11" white piece of copy paper on a hard surface floor. For best results ware dark socks and don’t attempt to scan on carpet.

Virtually Try on Shoes before buying Online

Never again will you ask the questions: "what size should I buy?" or "how will this style really fit me?" vFit answers your concerns. Search for styles and brands, find retailers who have your size in stock and compare prices.

vFit will be your own personal virtual shoe salesperson!

Computer & App

Access your vFit scans anywhere whether using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Scan your entire family and "Try & Buy." Think of the time you'll save buying from the web's largest retailers.

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My Community

My Community

Find others with same size & shape feet you have to share shoe info and feedback.

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About Us

About Us

vFit technology offers a number of great solutions to improve the online shopping expierience for both retailers and shoppers.